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Welcome to Access Energy Grants Ltd. Our team are here to help you access Eco4 Funding for home improvements across the UK  & Wales.

We Help People Access Free Government Funding.

You could be eligible for FREE government funding. Apply Here.

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With a dedicated team of experts, we strive to streamline the process of securing funding and implementing energy-efficient solutions. Our goal is to make a tangible difference in reducing energy consumption, lowering bills, and contributing to a greener environment.

Services Funded by the

UK Government

Upgrade your heating system with modern, energy-efficient boilers, enhancing comfort, and reducing energy consumption. Trust our expert team to ensure a seamless installation experience tailored to your home's specific needs.


Boiler Replacement

Efficient Heating System Install

Harness the power of solar energy with our installation services, enabling households to generate their own clean and renewable electricity. Our dedicated professionals will guide you through the process, making the transition to solar energy hassle-free and rewarding.


Solar Installation

We help households across the UK & Wales save money

"Highly recommend Access Energy. I was sceptical at first, but I applied as I am receiving benefits. I had solar PV installed on my property and already seeing savings."

Justin Tomcross

"I contacted Access Energy via Facebook. They called me the same day, the team done a free inspection & I had a new boiler installed the following week. Top work." 

Karen Tundy

"Usually when I see free and government together I don't believe it. But I applied and researched the Eco4 Scheme, its great! I have had whole house insulation and a new boiler installed!"

Tim Lakeland

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with our comprehensive insulation services. From walls to floors and roofs, our solutions enhance insulation, retaining heat,  significantly reducing energy wastage throughout your home.


Insulation Solutions (Wall, Floor, and Roof)

Efficiently heat your home using renewable energy extracted from the air with our innovative air source heat pumps. Reduce energy bills and carbon emissions while enjoying consistent and eco-friendly heating.


Air Source Heat Pump

Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Installation
Solar PV Installation

At Access Energy Grants Ltd, we're committed to empowering households in the UK and Wales by providing access to invaluable government-funded grants aimed at enhancing energy efficiency.


Our mission is rooted in facilitating the accessibility of free government funding, enabling families to upgrade their homes for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

About Access Energy Grants

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The Eco4 Scheme

What is the Eco4 Scheme in a nutshell?

The Eco 4 scheme is latest iteration of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) program. This initiative is a government-led effort aimed at promoting energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in households across the United Kingdom.


The Eco 4 scheme specifically targets low-income households and those considered most vulnerable, aiming to alleviate fuel poverty while simultaneously tackling climate change concerns. 


Under the Eco 4 scheme, various energy-saving measures, such as insulation upgrades, boiler replacements, and other home improvements, are provided to eligible households at no cost or with substantial subsidies. This program not only helps in making homes more energy-efficient but also contributes significantly to lowering energy bills for those who struggle with affordability.


Additionally, Eco 4 emphasises the installation of renewable energy solutions, like solar panels or heat pumps, to further enhance the sustainability of these households.

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